5. Rasha

With long brown hair in the wind she bent down and picked up a flower. Inhaling deeply she remembered her youth. She and her best friend loved playing in the flower fields when they were children. They would pick flowers and place them in their hair.  That was the best part of being Zay’s best friend. She always admired Abba's beauty.

     “I thought I would find you here.” He stated.

     “Yes Sir. Anytime I can walk on the earth I visit these fields. Their flowers are the best.”

     “You miss your friend.”

     “Yes, I miss my friend." Looking out into the fields and back at her superior Rasha replies, "I always wondered why Jesus died for them. They all seemed to treat their lives with this reckless abandonment but not her. She was always so careful and everything was precious. Even as a little girl she was always so kind.”

     He placed a hand on her shoulder. “Rasha my friend, she isn’t a little girl anymore.”

     “Yes Sir, I know. That is why I wanted to be here. I know her better than anyone. Almost anyone.”

     “Her training is going to be demanding on her physically, mentally, and spiritually. She may come under attack in her weakened state. You will be responsible for her protection until she can fight for herself. Can you do that Rasha?”

     Looking directly into his eyes she answered, “With my very existence.” Rasha accepted the scroll being handed to her and walked into the fields disappearing from sight. Another host of heaven appeared as Rasha walked away.

      “Sir. Do you think she is up to the task? She is a young “Foster”. She doesn’t have a lot of experience.”

     “She will learn.”

     “But Sir, this is a very big task watching over a Paga Warrior’s training. There may be battles and confrontations with our enemy.”

     “No doubt there will be, but she must learn. Rasha knows her mission: to learn how to defend Azaliah. She will grow as Azaliah grows. This is Clandoc’s way and we will honor it.”

     “Yes Sir." The host of heaven smiled. Do you think he will observe?”

     “He may. Some Generals have chosen to observe their Paga’ Warrior’s training. They just don’t interfere. None of us do.”

     “Yes Sir.”

     “Rasha is right you know.”

     “About what Sir?”

      “These fields do grow the sweetest smelling Azalea flowers.”


Find out what's next for our new Paga warrior. Who will be her first teacher? What will she learn? Find out in the next installment of The Messengers of Enmity: The European!